Sergio Armando Díaz Ocampo


Sergio Armando Díaz Ocampo

Havana, 1985. Industrial designer, graduated at the Superior Institute of Design in 2010. He has worked in projects as part of the group Indice Diseño. He is a designer at Ton Haas Industrial Design (THID).




The possibility of creating a modern lamp of only one piece was an idea that motivated the designer to experiment with templates, materials and forms. All of that, and the need of promoting functional, attractive and cheap lights, lead the designer to recreate the classic appearance of a lamp screen made of modern materials that offer great opportunities of personalization.

Materials: polycarbonate sheet of 3 or 5 mm thick and vinyl labels.

Plantillas de StarlampStarLamp

Process: Cut mechanically or with a laser the 22 templates, which may be inserted on the polycarbonate sheet. Fold the cut templates with heat (you should follow a pattern). Do the electric installation for the lamp.

Although it’s a lamp designed mainly for home use, it could be used in other contexts according to the graphic used in the labels.


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