Manufactura propia

Nadia Medina and Francisco (Paco) Menéndez lead a design project that produces, functional and eco-friendly, furniture and utilitarian objects. Their designs are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and vibrant colours. The use of pine as a fundamental raw material and its reintegration into the creative proposals for the home are some of its main distinctions

Nadia y Paco

Nadia and Paco

Propuestas útiles y vibrantes

Useful and vibrant designs

Manufactura en FIART 2015

Manufactura en FIART 2015

Morante and the OSPAAAL

Rafael MoranteRafael Morante

(Madrid, Spain, 1931). He graduated from the Professional School of Publicity in 1956. Before 1959, he worked in various agencies of publicity in Cuba and abroad. He made several posters, covers and illustrations for the Tricontinental magazine of the OSPAAAL. He created and elaborated two great comics: Alona and Los Otros (The Others). He recently got the National Prize of Design as a homage to his success as a designer of visual communication.

Organization of Solidarity of the People of Africa, Asia and Latin America


Designer and 3D artist

Heidy Curbelo

Heidy Curbelo García

(Havana, 1980). In 2005, she graduated as an industrial designer at the Superior Institute of Design in Cuba. She currently lives and works in Spain specializing in the design and 3D modelling. She has participated in interior design projects and in the animation of films.

Visual arts conform a field in which several disciplines coexist; design is one of them. What made you choose it as your profession?

I think it has always been my calling. I really like challenges and I have always been interested in finding solutions to problems that at first glance many people might consider difficult or impossible to work out. Those were the kind of problems that I liked. Since I was a child I have been “squeezing” my brain without being conscious of doing it; I realized it through the years. This combined with the pleasure it gives me to create something from scratch, either a character or a new concept, eventually lead me to the Superior Institute of Design.


An atelier made to measure

Sofia y ErnestoErnesto Jiménez

(Havana, 1974). Architect graduated from the Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría, in 1996. Four years later, he homologated his diploma at the Faculty of Architecture of Porto (Portugal). He has worked at the National Center for Conservation, Restoration and Museology (CENCREM, in Spanish) and at the Filipe Oliveira Dias Enterprise.

Sofía M. de Aguiar

(Porto, 1973). Graduated in architecture at the Superior Artistic School of Porto (ESAP) in 1998. She has worked at the architect Manuel Marques de Aguiar´s atelier and at the CRUARB, an organization responsible for the urban rehabilitation of Porto as a World Heritage City.


Vibra: At the rhythm of a good design

Raiko Valladares

Raiko Valladares Nogueras

(Havana, 1987). In 2011, he graduated at the Superior Institute of Design (ISDI) where he majored in Industrial Design. Since then, he has been part of the creative group of THID (Ton Haas Industrial Design), where he has specialized in experimental design of furniture and utilitarian products, with the use of plastic injection technology.

Jose Villa Sene

José Antonio Villa Sené

(Havana, 1987). Industrial designer graduated at the Superior Institute of Design in 2011. He has worked as the head of the group Proyecto Espacios (Project Spaces) since he graduated. In 2014, he got the First Prize for the best stand of design at the International Crafts Fair of Havana (FIART).