Beautiful Color at La Marca

Yaimel Lopez Zaldivar

Yaimel López Zaldívar

(Havana, 1983) graphic humorist, illustrator and designer who got his degree at the Superior Institute of Design in 2011. He is the graphic designer of La Calle del Medio (Middle Street), a monthly printed publication. He has intervened several places in Havana with his illustrations and graffiti.

La marca team

La Marca team

From left to right. Above: Leo Canosa, Ailed Duarte, Robertico Ramos and Dione Lugones. Below: David Pérez, Ángel Fernando Fernández, Leo Canosa (father, El chirri), Marta (Martica) Ramírez, Daniel González (El chino) and Oscar Sánchez.


Subconsciousness maps

Octavio Irving

Octavio Irving Hernández Jiménez (Irving)

Graduated at San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy in 2000, and at the Superior Institute of Art in Havana in 2006. He directs the Experimental Graphic Workshop of Havana, and is also Vice-president of the executive group of the Plastic Arts Association of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC). He teaches the specialty of engraving at San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy and at the ISA. He is a visual artist that usually works in areas like engraving, drawing, and painting.


Geo-Gráficas 2015

Annick y YannickYannick. Industrial designer with experience in graphic design. Specialist in Packaging. She is based in Switzerland since 2009. She was a professor at the Superior Institute of Design in Havana. She has designed with agencies like Pomzed Design, advertising, and Roos Emballages SA, packaging design. She works at Andreas Kopp AG and she is studying for the Federal Diploma of Packaging Manager of the Swiss Institute of Packaging. *

Annick. Graphic designer with experience in product design. She was a professor at the Superior Institute of Design in Havana. She lives in Europe since 2010. She has designed for Pomzed Design, Switzerland, until 2012, and currently she works at Messmer Seiler Design AG, Basel, Switzerland. She reads regularly on design and visual culture to stay informed and to offer articles in the Geo-Gráficas website. *