Geo-Gráficas 2015

Annick y YannickYannick. Industrial designer with experience in graphic design. Specialist in Packaging. She is based in Switzerland since 2009. She was a professor at the Superior Institute of Design in Havana. She has designed with agencies like Pomzed Design, advertising, and Roos Emballages SA, packaging design. She works at Andreas Kopp AG and she is studying for the Federal Diploma of Packaging Manager of the Swiss Institute of Packaging. *

Annick. Graphic designer with experience in product design. She was a professor at the Superior Institute of Design in Havana. She lives in Europe since 2010. She has designed for Pomzed Design, Switzerland, until 2012, and currently she works at Messmer Seiler Design AG, Basel, Switzerland. She reads regularly on design and visual culture to stay informed and to offer articles in the Geo-Gráficas website. *

Under the motto Cuban designers unlimited, the Factory of Cuban Art gathered the Second Collective Sample of the project called Geo-Gráficas, which took place from February 6th to March 24th.

Durante la inauguración 2

At the group exhibition in 2015. Photo: Löick

The 28 designers that participated in this sample showed their artistic sensitivity by making use of their own language through posters, characters, visual identities, lights, pieces of furniture and other useful objects.


Designs by Heidy Curbelo for Society6

The organization and mounting of the event were assumed by the staff of the project with the important contribution of the curator Yuray Tolentino, the architect Ernesto Jiménez and the graphic designer Nelson Ponce.

The other half

The other half. Poster by Annick Woungly-Massaga Orret

The assistants to the opening could enjoy some pieces of clothing belonging to the Sublime collection of the costume designer Massiel Mesa introduced by five models directed artistically by Katia Gil. The assistants could interact with some accessories by Cecilia Creations, they were hand-made by Yannick Woungly-Massaga; there were also interesting and useful ceramic objects made by Luis Ramírez for the Spanish Enterprise Sargadelos; incredible lamps by Sergio A. Díaz and Jorge L. Martínez; and modern chairs by Ton Haas, Michel Aguilar and the THID (Ton Haas Industrial Design) staff.


Rolight. Lamp by Jorge Luis Martínez

GG-2015 was a dynamic and versatile sample that conquered the audience from the beginning. Although it finished in Havana, new opportunities are foreseen in other places.


Packaging for Swisswood by Yannick Woungly-Massaga Orret

Geo-Gráficas: Cuban designers of the world is a project that promotes good design taking into account the socialization of works and experiences. It acts as a meeting and dialogue space for Cuban designers anywhere in the world. The project was created by the Cuban designers Yannick and Annick Woungly-Massaga Orret during the summer of 2013 in Basel, Switzerland. On March 2014, the first collective exhibition of the project took place in Havana where 18 designers participated. The same year, the sample was exhibited at the Latin-American Cultural Association of Jura (Switzerland), at the Turtle Beach Resort and at the Social Hall of the One Woodbrook Place Condominiun (Trinidad & Tobago). Currently, the project has a website to gather and promote projects, articles, portfolios and news about the Cuban design.

* Information based on Geo-Gráficas website.

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