David Alfonso: Art, design and folklore

David Alfonso

David Alfonso Suárez (Santa Clara, 1980). Graphic designer graduated from the Higher Institute of Design in 2004. Illustrator and plastics artist co- founder of the group Camaleon. Has taken part in several exhibitions in Cuba, Ecuador, United States and Spain.


1. There are always referents that mark our perceptions and creations, what artists or designers have influenced your vision as a creative?

When I got my university course in design I didn’t know what it was about, the only thing I liked was the plastic arts. Life took me along that way and when I began my University studies at ISDI I started to be familiar with design.  At the beginning Miriam Abreu, the professor of the subject Basic Design in the first semester, was a very important person, she helped me to see design with an artistic view.


Nothing is impossible

joan manuel veloso

Joan Manuel Veloso (Esmeralda, Camagüey, 1979). Graphic designer graduate at Superior Institute of Design in 2003. He has been working in fields likes visual identity and audivisual creation.

How was your arrival to the ISDi?

I am from Esmeralda, a town in Camagüey and there was a designer who talked to me about the design career for the first time. He gave me a typography catalogue and from that moment on, I started to draw the types. At that time, I had not finished high school, but when I started 10th grade, I already knew I wanted to enter the ISDi and told my mother that I would go to Havana. When I entered the ISDi, I felt very good and realized that it was the place I belonged to. The thing that surprised me the most was the people and the atmosphere at school. We all lived the design, we heard very good music and we had to draw very well. I have always believed that when you hear good music you design better. I have also had the theory that the eye and the ear interpret the same, but in different frequencies. To me, making music is designing to the ear.


Listen is the most important thing

George Miller

George Miller Ramos

(Morón, Ciego de Ávila, 1976). Architect graduate in 1998 at the Superior Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría. He has developed dissimilar projects of different scales and complexities in Europe, Middle East and America. At present, he is Leader of the Product Design Area and Senior Associate at Gensler, an important architecture firm.



Why did you choose to major in architecture?

Actually, it was not a choice. During my personal education, mainly when I was 12 or 13 years old, it was evident for me that I was to study architecture. My fascination for drawing, the importance of have an aunt who is architect and the support of my parents was all I needed to reach that conclusion.


From Torino to Havana

Massiel Mesa Fornaris

Massiel Mesa Fornaris

(Havana, 1980). Industrial designer, graduated from the Institute of Design in 2005. She has worked for Prada and has designed costumes for choreographies of contemporary dance like the Bird´s dance project. It has been established in Turin, Italy, where she has created her fashion atelier TORINOHAVANA.


In 2003, while you were studying costume design at the ISDi, you created your first collection of swimsuits. What led you to select this piece?


Designer and 3D artist

Heidy Curbelo

Heidy Curbelo García

(Havana, 1980). In 2005, she graduated as an industrial designer at the Superior Institute of Design in Cuba. She currently lives and works in Spain specializing in the design and 3D modelling. She has participated in interior design projects and in the animation of films.


Visual arts conform a field in which several disciplines coexist; design is one of them. What made you choose it as your profession?

I think it has always been my calling. I really like challenges and I have always been interested in finding solutions to problems that at first glance many people might consider difficult or impossible to work out. Those were the kind of problems that I liked. Since I was a child I have been “squeezing” my brain without being conscious of doing it; I realized it through the years. This combined with the pleasure it gives me to create something from scratch, either a character or a new concept, eventually lead me to the Superior Institute of Design.


The dream is hand-made…

Yondainer Gutierrez

Yondainer Gutiérrez

Majored in Design of Visual Communication at the Superior Institute of Design (ISDi) in 2012. Since 2008, he has been working on design projects of user experience and graphic interface design.




Generally, childhood is a very decisive and influential period for the way of seeing and the work of designers. Do you think your childhood influenced your way of understanding and making design?

I was born in 1987, in Chambas, Ciego de Avila. I was always barefoot, wearing shorts and shirtless. I raised fish, went to the countryside to hunt birds and swam in the river. Sometimes, I returned home without any bird, but with the cage full of tomatoes, pumpkins or what I could find on my way.