Ciudades dibujadas

Agnes Fong

Agnes Fong Lucero. Designer, illustrator and poet. Graduated from The Higher Institute of Design in 1990.  Since 2012 lives in Spain. Her illustrations and artistic drawings have been exhibited in Almería, Madrid and Valencia.

1. How was Ciudades dibujadas born?

Ciudades dibujadas was born in Havana. The first draws of a known, close urban environment came out the neighborhood, with all the elements that make up our image of the city. You see them every day, you walk by, and when you sit down and “think” of a city the first to appear is this, the immediate. I was always interested in architecture, I think that the concern of vision at a scale beyond the object should have come out somehow in each draw.


Signo Visual, a design studio in Valencia

Arístides and Agustín

Arístides Rosell Cabrera

(Havana, 1967). Informational designer graduate at the Superior Institute of Design in 1991.

Agustín García Caballero

(Valencia, Spain, 1978). Graduate at the Design Superior School of Valencia in the specialty of Graphic Design.

Both designers create in the city of Valencia a graphic design studio entitled Signo Visual. This studio has helped to strengthen communicative spaces in the field of the Valencian community. Its posters have been exhibited in countries like Mexico, Bolivia and Cuba. Its works have a focus on social commitment to art and culture.


An atelier made to measure

Sofia y ErnestoErnesto Jiménez

(Havana, 1974). Architect graduated from the Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría, in 1996. Four years later, he homologated his diploma at the Faculty of Architecture of Porto (Portugal). He has worked at the National Center for Conservation, Restoration and Museology (CENCREM, in Spanish) and at the Filipe Oliveira Dias Enterprise.

Sofía M. de Aguiar

(Porto, 1973). Graduated in architecture at the Superior Artistic School of Porto (ESAP) in 1998. She has worked at the architect Manuel Marques de Aguiar´s atelier and at the CRUARB, an organization responsible for the urban rehabilitation of Porto as a World Heritage City.