The design has a main role

Elio Duarte

Elio Duarte Cruz

(Güines, Mayabeque, 1976). In 2000 he graduated as a designer of visual communication at the Superior Institute of Design. Its main projects have integrated the areas of visual identity, advertising, design and production of stand.


What are the criteria to distinguish a good visual identity?

One of the values of contemporary identities is the use of various resources and visual effects that were previously impossible to incorporate into its production. New supports and technologies have allowed designers to explore other facets of the design and the visual arts, and incorporate its creative aspects into the development processes of visual identities. However, I believe that the requirements to generate a good identity are the same. Is important that the identity be contemporary, cogent, synthetic, and that has a good shape.


Nelson Ponce holds his opinion on Cuban illustration

Nelson Ponce

Nelson Ponce

Havana, 1975. Designer of Visual Communication, graduated in 1998 at the Superior Institute of Design (ISDi) in Havana, Cuba. Co-founder of the Grupo Camaleón (Group Chameleon) in 2000. Illustrator of reference whose works have been recognized and acknowledged in the U.S.A., Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Poland, Mexico and Brazil.

Cuban illustration has been quite versatile in its forms and manifestations; in which period do you think it was at its peak?

I consider that in the seventies and a part of the eighties, Cuban illustration was a little bit more solid due to the will of the government to the diversification and proliferation of publications, printing offices and editorials. Several publications were written and edited here, and they were then printed in the USSR or in other socialist country. As a result, illustrators had a great liberty for creating, which was appreciated in the plurality of formats and the use of different techniques.