The Experimental Graphic Workshop of Havana


On July 30th 1962, and with the authorization of Ernesto (Che) Guevara de la Serna, Orlando Suárez, Cuban muralist and head of the Provincial Council of Culture, and José Venturelli, Chilean painter and engraver, founded the Experimental Graphic Workshop of Havana (TEGH, by its abbreviation in Spanish). Both artists, together with master lithographs Israel de la Hoya, Amable Mouriño and José (Pepe) Contino, who was the head of the institution until his death in 1976, gave life to the TEGH.


Tradition and modernity

Clara Porset

Clara Porset Dumas

(Matanzas, Cuba, 1895 – Mexico, 1981). Cuban designer and professor, who settled in Mexico and has been recognized as one of the most representative professional in the Mexican and Latin American design field. Clara had a broad and international education in Architecture, Fine Arts, Aesthetics, and interior and furniture design. She realized important projects for clubs, hospitals, offices, homes, schools, and other public projects in key moments of Cuban and Mexican history. Among them is very important the creation of the Cuban school of design after a thorough analysis of the best European experiences.


Morante and the OSPAAAL

Rafael MoranteRafael Morante

(Madrid, Spain, 1931). He graduated from the Professional School of Publicity in 1956. Before 1959, he worked in various agencies of publicity in Cuba and abroad. He made several posters, covers and illustrations for the Tricontinental magazine of the OSPAAAL. He created and elaborated two great comics: Alona and Los Otros (The Others). He recently got the National Prize of Design as a homage to his success as a designer of visual communication.

Organization of Solidarity of the People of Africa, Asia and Latin America


Cómicos: a space of devotion to comic

Between the years 1986 and 1990, the Editorial Pablo de la Torriente produced an excellent comic´s magazine for young people. The monthly 47 pages were full of intelligence, humor and mastery.

Cómicos No. 2, 1990

Cómicos, issue 2, 1990

It was not only created by scriptwriters, sketch artists, writers and Cuban illustrators, but also by outstanding professionals of the comics field such as Carlos Giménez from Spain, Quino, Carlos Sampayo and José Muñoz from Argentina. They conquered the Cuban readers with their art.

Cómicos No. 7, 1990

Yami in the cover of issue 7, 1990

One of its best representative cartoons of the Cuban people is Rompecoco, the brave mambi cook created by Tulio Raggi and Juan Padrón.RompecocoIn its pages we can find Vitralitos (Little Stained-Glass Windows) by Jorge Luis Guerra and Orestes Suárez, Matojo and Lillo´s great ideas, and El cuento (The Story) by Félix Guerra and Muñoz Bachs.