Dominating the Spaces

By: Carolina Sánchez Abella

The last economic changes in Cuba have, undoubtedly, opened paths to certain areas in the field of design. Together with the opening of new businesses, new design needs emerge. The owners of small enterprises are more and more aware of how essential the good design is, the quality of space to create an attractive environment targeting customers.

Proporciones. Project: La Gitana Market.

Proporciones. Project: La Gitana Market.

Rent houses, restaurants, cafeterias, and private houses, among others, are the new spaces where architects and designers work mainly. The emergence of a great amount of creative groups is remarkable; gradually, those groups have rebuilt and renewed certain spaces in the city. Some of these groups are DAG Arquitectos (DAG Architects), Plá Estudio (Plá Studio), Proporciones (Proportions), Martínez y Becerra (Martínez and Becerra), Apropia Estudio (Appropriation Studio) and All New.