“Nuevos creativos chilenos. Vol. 1: Diseño de productos”

This book invites us to learn about different generations of industrial designers living inside and outside Chile.

Nuevos creativos chilenos. Vol. 1.

“Nuevos creativos chilenos. Vol. 1”. Photo: Estudio PI

The initial reflections of specialists on the past and present of Chilean and Latin American design offer us a favorable context to explore the aesthetics and speeches of 36 groups and design studies through fact sheets, interviews and excellent images about their creations.

Interior. A design studio presentation.

A design studio presentation. Photo: Estudio PI.

The diaphanous and contemporary design of the book, in charge of Estudio PI under the artistic direction of Paola Irazabal, constitutes a good reference and makes it easier and pleasant to use.



The Club of Friends of the Poster is a project led by several designers: Lyly Diaz, Alberto Nodarse (Tinti), Pepe Menéndez, Alejandro Rodríguez (Alucho), Edel Rodríguez (Mola), Nelson Ponce, Gabriel Lara (Gabo), Leonardo León, Michele Miyares and Giselle Monzón.

CACa 2015

CACa 2015. Photo: Elestudio

Driven by passion, and conscious of the importance of promoting the Cuban poster development and legacy, that designers have created this open and creative group. Expositions around the world, an annual exhibition and a meeting for members of the Club at the end of each year are its principal activities.


Debating about my profession

Mirta Muñiz Egea

(Havana, 1930). Journalist, actress and radio announcer. Professional with an excellent and long work in visual communication, advertising, and creative direction. Her knowledges and experiences are magistrally expressed in her books, conferences and interchanges specialized.


An indispensable book to understand evolution and importance of design of visual communication in Cuba.

Mi profesión a debateWith a critical perspective from her professional experience, Mirta Muñiz leads us by important moments of Cuban history, in which propaganda, marketing and advertisign have played significant roles. In every page of this book we discover an enlightening assumption supported by observations, analyses, and allusions to events, processes, and creative projections of communicators, designers, and visual artists of the XX century.


Manufactura propia

Nadia Medina and Francisco (Paco) Menéndez lead a design project that produces, functional and eco-friendly, furniture and utilitarian objects. Their designs are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and vibrant colours. The use of pine as a fundamental raw material and its reintegration into the creative proposals for the home are some of its main distinctions

Nadia y Paco

Nadia and Paco

Propuestas útiles y vibrantes

Useful and vibrant designs

Manufactura en FIART 2015

Manufactura en FIART 2015