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Conjunto Soliflor diseñado por Luis Ramírez

Design by Luis Ramírez, Dekuba, Sargadelos

Soliflor set

“They seem to fall, but they do not. An adequate point of equilibrium allows these slender and stylized vases to stand all the time. The water their flowers need will reduce the point of gravity, doing the vases more stable. Capricious in their position, they will make a great change in any space if a caress or sigh makes them spin” (The designer´s own words, Luis Ramírez).

Find them at CONGA Shop on 3rd Street, at 1604, between 16 and 18. Miramar, Playa. Havana, Cuba.


Portada del libro Diseñando app en sus versiones impresa y digital

Book covers


Diseñando apps para móviles

An excellent digital book by Javier Cuello and José Vittone about the design of applications for mobile phones based on the usability and on user-centered design. It was published on 2013; it presents in a direct and solid way the processes of conception, design, testing and launching of apps for mobile phones. It also includes a very useful glossary of terms for those who get in touch with the topic for the first time.

Acquire this book in this app store.

Cubierta del libro Testimonios del diseño gráfico


Testimonies of Cuban graphic design: 1959-1974

An indispensable selection by Hector Villaverde about the history of graphic design in Cuba. This work is part of the Majadahonda Collection, which belongs to the Cultural Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau. This book has been in charge of La Memoria Editions. The book registers the opinions and experiences of multiple Cuban designers whose work was discussed during April and December 2009 in the space of socialization and development Thursday of Design.


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