The Club of Friends of the Poster is a project led by several designers: Lyly Diaz, Alberto Nodarse (Tinti), Pepe Menéndez, Alejandro Rodríguez (Alucho), Edel Rodríguez (Mola), Nelson Ponce, Gabriel Lara (Gabo), Leonardo León, Michele Miyares and Giselle Monzón.

CACa 2015

CACa 2015. Photo: Elestudio

Driven by passion, and conscious of the importance of promoting the Cuban poster development and legacy, that designers have created this open and creative group. Expositions around the world, an annual exhibition and a meeting for members of the Club at the end of each year are its principal activities.

CACa 2015

CACa 2015, exposition of posters. Photo: Elestudio

Find more information and news about the Cuban poster on the project website:

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